Don't These Country Singers Look So Different Without Their Hats?

Finding a male country singer without his hat on feels about as sensational as seeing a woman without her shirt. Rarely do stars like Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Alan Jackson and Zac Brown leave home without their signature head-toppers. You might be surprised to learn that plenty of them sport a pretty nice head of hair, however.

Perhaps more will begin changing their look a la Chris Young, who made a statement by ditching the black cowboy hat in 2011.

We've found pictures of many of the most well-known hat donners in country music — without their hats! Some hairdos are surprising, others are ... well, missing. While country women go to great lengths to disguise themselves in public, the men could simply leave their lid at home to go out undetected.

Are there any that you think should make the switch permanent? Adkins and Chesney are our two favorite, although we can totally see why the "Watered Down" singer opts to keep it covered. That hair in a Nashville summer would be a pain to maintain.

Do You Recognize These Singers Without Their Hats?